Local Social Media Rock Stars

Photo from Kenyon (Mn) Police Department's Facebook Post

Photo from Kenyon (Mn) Police Department's Facebook Post

If you think you have to be a big business with a big marketing department and budget to be awesome at using social media, you are wrong.

Check out this Facebook post:


Bill Hanisch from Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop in Red Wing, MN and Chief Sjolander from the Kenyon (MN) Police Department in Kenyon, MN have thousands of Facebook followers. The Bakery has over 14,000 and the Chief has over 28,000.

How have they built such an amazing following, you ask? From what I can tell, it's two things: One, telling great stories and two, being totally authentic.

It's a winning combination in social media.

So how are you telling the story of your business and the people you serve? Are you doing it authentically, or are you worried about what people will think? Are you worried about being "on brand" or looking "professional"?

I've read hundreds of blogs from social media experts that will tell you all sorts of "best practices"...but I would guess neither of these two guys has ever read any of that sort of thing. They just post what feels right to them and it works.

What could you post today that will tell a story authentically???