The Power of Story for Local Business

It's Superbowl Sunday (ok, not really...but stay with me here...) and 50% of the people huddled around the television watching the big game don't give a darn who wins. They are there for the commercials. So why are the Superbowl commercials so much better during the game? 

Besides the fact that there are no prescription drug commercials that go on and on about side effects, these commercials all tell a story. 

For example, close your eyes (but read this first, of course!) and imagine a lush green pasture where the cutest baby Clydesdale romps and plays with his yellow lab puppy friend. When someone adopts the puppy, the Clydesdale rallies all the other horses to stop the vehicle from leaving. The horse and puppy frolick in the horse pasture and, we presume, will live happily ever after. 

The commercial is for beer, people. Beer. Not horses, puppies, lush green pastures. It's a company that sells beer by using classic storytelling techniques. 

And they work. That beer ad scored huge with viewers. It's no surprise that storytelling works as we've been doing it for thousands of years. Storytelling evokes a strong neurological response in our brains, and we produce the stress hormone cortisol during intense moments of story which allows us to actually focus. And the cute-animal releasing hormone oxytocin is also released, and this makes us feel empathy and connection. Weave a happy ending into our stories, and our brains release dopamine, a hormone that makes us feel hopeful and optimistic.

The implication for businesses is huge. Get storytelling right, and you'll be way ahead of the game. For local businesses, there are ample stories to tell...yours, your clients, and your strategic partners. 

Look at your website and see, what stories do you tell in words and pictures? If you have a blog, how often are you talking at people vs. telling a story to explain your teaching?

And how about your social often are you telling stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others? 

Need help telling your story? Let us know. We can help you connect with your customers in ways you never imagined.

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