5 Things You Need to Know About Google Drive When Working With a Team

As technology evolves, there are more and more online tools available so you can do everything you need to do from your laptop, tablet, or phone. It makes it easier to work from anywhere you want without having to carry around external hard drives or USB drives. Google Drive is one of the tools that replaced external storage devices, making it easier to access files without having to look through three or four different USB drives. The following points are reasons why Google Drive can boost your team’s productivity.


1. Work with your team in real time

Google Drive makes collaborating with your team easy and effortless. There can be multiple team members working on the same document, and at the same time, without there being any issues. As your team works on the document in real time, you can see exactly who is doing what. Another benefit to collaborating on the same document is that you have the ability to review the changes that have been made, by whom, and at what time and date they made them.


2. Organization

Google Drive makes organization a breeze! You can start by creating a main folder for each department, client, or project and then organize each of those folders as needed for your team. This makes it efficient for you and your team to find the project you’re working on and for each person to see what they need to. When organizing folders or files, you can control the type of access your team has for each folder or project. Which brings us to…

3. Security: Control access level

Just because you work with a team, it doesn’t mean that everyone needs access to everything. Google Drive lets you control permissions on folders and documents. A document’s availability can be set for everyone in your organization, only specific people in your organization, or anyone else you may work with, such as clients or other contractors. You can do the same thing with folders. Some team members may only need access to certain folders or projects they are working on.

You can also edit what kind of access each person has within the folders or files they have access to. You can set them to view, view and comment, or edit the files. You can also share documents with anyone outside of your organization by sharing links.

4. Publicly Share Documents

Aside from sharing and collaborating with your team, you can also create documents and make them public by sharing them on the web. By doing this, you avoid having to give every individual that may need to see a document permissions or access. This also makes it easy to share with any clients that may not use GSuite. Simply send them the link and they can see it without having to sign in!

5. Search by person

When you work with teams, you probably send and receive a lot of documents. If you need to find a document that someone sent you, but you don’t remember the name of the file, you can search for it by searching for the person’s name or their email address. When you enter a search, the system will bring up a list of all the documents you and your team are working on. It makes it easier to find something you worked on three or four months ago!

We’ll put our team and tools to work for you with the help of Google Drive.

Yessel Iglesias

Executive Assistant/Back-Office Extraordinaire