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Welcome to Unleashed Strategy Consultants. We're here to put some bite in your business, marketing, recruiting, and social media strategy.

Strategy: a plan of action to achieve an overall aim.

We get that you aim to have a successful business. Unleashed Consultants provides you with the tools and processes you need to get there. 

Our expert consultants show you how to use your time, money, and energy in ways that maximize your return on your strategic investments. And we get that marketing and social media can be confusing and feel like a squishy tennis ball, so we help you get the biggest results possible. By first discussing what your business goals are, we'll find out how to best utilize the many marketing avenues available to you. 

We are a team of experienced, talented, and passionate people who are excited to work with you and your company to help your business grow. 

Unleashed is a full-service business and marketing consulting firm that offers a range of services including: general business consulting, recruitment strategies, social media planning, branding, writing, and social/marketing/business assessments. In addition, we work with non-profits to use business strategies while maintaining the core mission and values of the organization.


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Megan Tsui founded Unleashed in 2014, and it will come as no surprise that she's a huge animal lover. And the only thing Megan likes more than animals is business strategy. Megan has a Bachelor of Arts in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship from St. Olaf College, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. As a business consultant for over 15 years, Megan has helped everyone from Etsy sellers to multi-million dollar companies. Megan is strategic, kind, and asks hard questions to get you to think bigger about your business. 

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Jennifer Brigham is both creative and strategic. As a consultant, author, speaker and quoted expert, Jennifer shares her knowledge of and passion for best practices in small business, marketing and strategic organizational growth. She specializes in recruitment marketing and digital recruiting, having built from scratch a multi-million dollar staffing company that was sold in 2012. Jennifer is recognized as a business leader, most recently having been awarded the National Association of Women Business Owners' Lifetime Achievement Award. Her direct, practical and humorous style cuts to the heart of what matters in small business success. 

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